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Why Kindness is the Key to Lean Leadership Webinar

Is Lean an inherently kind way of working? Are Lean Leaders kinder than others? Why is kindness the true key to Lean Leadership?

People often think that lean is a kind way to work. But lean is a thing – and things aren’t kind or unkind – people are! In order for leaders to be able to develop people to work in effective, efficient ways, create, and innovate, they need to lead with kindness.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about why we need to:

  • Flip "Be hard on the soft on the people" (Taiichi Ohno) "Be kind to people and hard on the process"(Karyn Ross)

  • "Become a Reliable Boss" (Taichi Ohno), truly respect and actually help people (Hint: Lean Leadership isn't just about asking open-ended questions and having them figure things out themselves!)

By the end of the webinar session, you'll be prepared (and challenged) to put three of the Key Kind Leader behaviors into practice and add deliberate kindness to your Lean Leadership.

A special thank you and kind shout out to Mark Graban and KaiNexus for hosting the webinar and giving away four copies of The Kind Leader to webinar participants!

I can't wait for you to watch this webinar session...and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the intersection of kindness, leadership and lean! Please leave them in the comments!

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