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About Kind Leadership

Welcome to The New School for Kind Leaders!

With practical classes, interactive workshops and meaningful hands-on learning experiences created to help you become a Kind Leader through practice.

Why is Kind Leadership So Necessary?

Kindness and leadership aren’t often synonymous. Ask someone to describe "good leadership" and you'll hear words like: bold, challenging, charismatic, decisive, empowering, fearless, goal-oriented, and strategic, to name of a few. And though there are many more that come quickly to mind, kindness usually isn’t one of them. And here’s the problem with that.

Leaders lead. And the way a leader leads – how they do what they do – influences those they lead.


From the president of the country or company, right down to front-line supervisors and individul, what a leader models – how leaders act, speak and think – influences the people they lead. Unkind leaders give legitimacy and permission to those they lead to act, speak, and think in exactly the same unkind ways. In a world where a leaders’ words and actions travel quickly through social media channels, their influence – unkind or kind – is amplified through repeated views and sharing.


In an increasingly fragmented, polarized and divided world, we need leaders who will bring people together not divide them. Leaders who model cooperation and collaboration and ways to act kindly, speak kindly and think kindly.


To create a better, kinder world for all, we need kindness to become synonymous with good leadership.

A new and different KIND of school!


Our Mission

Our Mission

Helping you change the world for the better by being a

Kind Leader.

We’re here to teach you how and support, guide and mentor you as you practice. 

As a New School for Kind Leaders student, you’ll be part of a vibrant, caring community of like- minded people. Focused on Acting, Speaking and Thinking Kindly, our Courses of Action are designed to get you Leading with Kindness right away. That means that you can get started changing the world for the kinder right away.


How You'll Learn

You’ll focus on practice first, and theory second. That’s because ‘doing changes thinking’.

  • We’ll teach you how to practice, in a step-by-step, functional, practical way. You won’t have to figure it out by yourself, or piece it together from theory, textbooks and videos.

  • You’ll become part of our Kind Leader Practice Community. You won’t have to practice alone. There will always be a teacher, mentor, coach or peer practice partner to help and support you every step of the way.

A new and better KIND of leadership!

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