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When Kind Leaders Feel Fearful, They Focus on Others!

As a leader, maybe you think that you shouldn't be afraid of anything. Maybe you also think that if you are afraid, you shouldn't show that you are fearful to others...especially those you are leading.

Kind Leaders know that none of those statements are true...or helpful. Whether in formal leadership roles, when wearing their Leader Hat informally, or at other times, all people - and all leaders - feel fear from time to time.

This past Tuesday I posted a poll on LinkedIn asking people what the biggest barrier preventing them from moving from “thinking” about doing something (including being kind and leading with kindness) to taking ACTION was! So far, the majority of responses have been...Fear.

  • Fear of failing...

  • Fear of being judged by others...

  • Fear of not living up to others’ and own expectations...

  • Fear of being ridiculed or ostracized

Leaders may feel especially fearful as they are often expected to know all and have an answer for everything. Not knowing how to do something, being afraid of ridicule and judgement and not living up to expectations can cause any leader to "freeze" with fear! And that prevents leaders from acting.

Because Kind Leaders know that all people have fear that prevents them from taking action, when they feel that fear themselves, they use it as an opportunity to model how to overcome it! They do that by focusing on all the possible negative effects that could occur for others if they don't take ACTION. Instead of focusing on themselves, they focus on others and ask “If I don’t do this, how will OTHERS be negatively affected?” Then they list all the possible negative effects:

  • People will miss out on learning...

  • They won't get the help they need to learn and grow and reach their full potential

  • They won't learn how to help others overcome their fears...

Kind Leaders know that focusing on others will get them out of their own head, take the focus off themself, and put it where it should be: on helping others.

So today, when you have your Leader Hat on, at work, at home and in the community, and you get stuck in your own head and can't move from thinking to taking ACTION, please give this a a try. It will help you move forward, and model great, kind, behavior for others!

Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

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