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What Kind of Culture are You Expecting and Allowing?

What kind of culture do you work in? Toxic? Overly-competitive? Stressful? Cooperative? Accepting? Uplifting? Kind?

Today, please take a few minutes to think about it. Because culture “the way things are expected and allowed to be done around here” (The Kind Leader, p. 20), doesn’t just “happen”. Culture is created, in every organization (work, family, community group) by the actions and words that are expected and allowed.

If leaders don’t deliberately decide what type of behaviors and words are “expected” and “allowed”, culture will reflect that. Toxic, unkind cultures exist because leaders allow them to.

"Culture is the way things are expected and allowed to be done around here." The Kind Leader, p. 20

So, how can you stop allowing a negative culture in your organization, team or family and change it to a positive, kind one? First, start by defining the specific behaviors and words that people are “expected” and “allowed” to use to treat each other kindly! And if you have a kind culture already? Codify it so everyone can “see” what’s expected and allowed!

Culture isn't something static and carved in stone. It's created every single day, by the words and actions that leaders expect and allow. You can start changing your culture to a kinder, better one today...just by changing your actions and words and:

Have questions or need help leading with kindness? Please reach out directly to We're always here and happy to help!

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