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What does Kind Leadership have to do with The Great Resignation?

Do you work in a toxic work environment? If you do, are you thinking about resigning? If you are, you're among a growing number of people who are rethinking their relationship with their current company, and where they work and who they work for, in general.

There’s been a lot of speculation about what is driving “The Great Resignation”. Some think that it's people wanting to earn more money, or work in a different industry. Some think that it's being driven by the remote/in person work debate. And some think that people just don't want to work hard anymore.

But here’s what I see. Since the pandemic, people are more cognizant of the finite amount of time they have here on earth. And they are no longer willing to give “the precious time of their lives”, (which they will never get back), to organizations with unkind leaders and toxic cultures. People are no longer willing to spend time working for leaders who instill fear, treat them disrespectfully and care only about what they can produce - not who they are.

People want to work, instead, for leaders who help them learn, grow, contribute and make a difference. People want to work for organizations with cultures of trust and inclusion and that is what Kind Leadership is all about!

Here is a Live that I did with more on this topic:

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