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Wednesday Kind Leadership Week Challenge!

Can you believe it’s Kind Leadership Week Day 3 already?! It is!!!

Today’s Challenge:

Ask someone what they think before giving your idea!

Today’s Kind Leader Key Characteristic:

Kind Leaders CONSIDER others first!

Leaders tend to ‘go first’…speak first, enter a room first, give their opinion first. That can lead to being very self-centered! Because leaders actions and words have such an influence on others, Kind Leaders are ‘other-centered’! They focus on how their actions, words and thoughts affect others first, instead.

Want to learn more about today’s Kind Leader Key Characteristic? Then please join our Lunch and Learn at 1:00 pm ET! Our special guest today is Stewart Bellamy!

And don’t forget to join us for The Kind Leader Book Launch Party today at 4:00 pm ET! Leslie Henckler will be our fabulous MC, Katie Anderson will be leading the toast, I’ll be reading from the book and answering your questions, and we’ll all be celebrating! Because the best kind of leader is a Kind Leader!

Thanks for being part of Kind Leadership Week! Your kind leadership eliminates fear, creates trust and makes a better world for all of us!

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