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Visual Management for Kind Leadership Practice!

Yesterday, I got the most fabulous surprise holiday gift! My friend Mike De Luca was working with a client and sent me this photo of Brian C. Armbrust and the visual management that he created around his Kind Leadership practice!

Why was it such a fabulous gift!?

1. Because as I always say, “Kind Leadership is a practice that takes practice!” And seeing Brian’s commitment to practice is totally inspiring! We won’t change how we lead, by simply thinking about it…just like we won’t create kinder organizations (and world) by just thinking about it. We need to practice! Every day!

2. As an author, and creative person, I put ideas out into the world! In books, in articles, and in posts! Once the book is out, I hope that others take those ideas, use them, and add their own creativity to turn them into kinder, better ways to work, to lead and to live. In general, though, I don’t have visibility into that part of the process!! So, seeing the photo of Brian’s fabulous, creative visual board simply made my day!

Ideas turned into reality through practice, create systemic change in the world…and they change each of us as well!

Brian! Thank you for this fabulous, inspiring gift! And for creating a kinder, better world!

(And if you are reading this, and have a great example of how you are 'practicing' kind leadership, please send it along so we can all learn from it! Thanks!)

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