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Use Kind Conversations to Bring People Together!

Over the past few days I have received a number of requests and spoken with a number of people who feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to have kind, constructive conversations in a time where there seems to be so much division and divisiveness.

Today, a reminder that kindness - and kind conversations - bring people together. And that having a kind conversation, even when you have different perspectives, isn’t just possible, it’s necessary!

Here are some suggestions that you can use to have those kind and connecting conversations at work, at home and in the community:

Here is a PDF for you to download and share with others:

How to Have a Kind Conversation To Bring People Togeter
Download PDF • 885KB

Above, in the first graphic in this post, is the Kindness Equation. You’ll notice that it’s additive and requires action.

Empathy + Compassion + Action = KINDNESS

That’s because action (like a conversation) is what turns empathy and compassion into kindness. Having conversations around difficult topics that not everyone agrees on in a kind way is the start of bringing people who seems to be divided, together.

And finally, please remember, since Kind conversations aren’t debates they don’t have to end in agreement or consensus. It’s okay for people to continue to have different perspectives. We are all different and we can all coexist kindly!

The more kindly you can converse with others, and the more kind conversations people have, the less division, hate and violence we'll all have to experience.

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