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Thursday Kind Leadership Week Challenge

Day 4 of Kind Leadership Week!! And what a FABULOUS week it’s been so far!!

Today’s Challenge:

Apologize to someone for being unkind to them.

Today’s Kind Leader Key Characteristic:

Kind Leaders REFLECT deeply about their actions

Many years ago I was working with a team on a project that didn’t go well at all. When things came to a head, the Vice President of the area stepped in. Everyone expected him to be angry with us. Instead, he apologized and said that he obviously hadn’t given us clear enough direction or checked in frequently enough. His apology instantly changed the feeling of the team and got all of us back on track. And he modeled Kind Leadership for all of us. It’s hard to find time in a busy day to reflect. Kind Leaders know that regularly reflecting deeply is essential for themselves and others!

Want to learn more about today’s Kind Leader Key Characteristic? Then please join our Lunch and Learn at 1:00 pm ET! Our special guest today is Petrina McGrath!

Link to register:

Also today! Please join us The New School for Kind Leaders Info Session! Learn about our fabulous Fall 2021 classes and workshops and how we support you in deepening your Kind Leader practice! 5 pm ET!

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Thanks for being part of Kind Leadership Week! Your kind leadership eliminates fear, creates trust and makes a better world for all of us!

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