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The Best Kind of Leader!!!

Oh my goodness!! As I always say, “The best kind of leader is a KIND LEADER”! Thank you to Stewart Bellamy for sending me this wonderful picture! Stewart is one of the twenty-eight fabulous leaders who shared their stories and experiences for The Kind Leader book. A few weeks ago I sent everyone who contributed a signed copy of the book as a thank you! And this is the fabulous photo that Stewart sent me to let me know he received his copy!

You can read Stewart’s stories in Chapter 6: Act Kindly: Kind Leaders Put Humanity First

Here’s a quote from Stewart:

Until Karyn raised the topic of Kind Leadership, I hadn’t realized just how many people I know, particularly young people, who have yet to encounter their first workplace Kind Leader. That got me thinking: Why is that…when Kindness can only lead to positive outcomes?

Kind Leadership reduces and eliminates fear and creates trust. What we need in organizations (and the world) for people to learn, grow, make the contributions they are capable and dreaming of, and creating a kinder better world for all!

And, to order your Kind Leader T-Shirt, click here! They come in lots of colors and sizes!

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