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Teach Someone! Day 2 of Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week


It’s Tuesday! The second day of Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week!

Today’s Deliberate Act of Kindness idea: Teach Someone How to Do Something!

The other night my son called. He said “Mom…a button fell off my pants!” I automatically said, “Would you like to stop by and I can sew it on for you?” He replied, “I do want to stop by, but I don’t want you to sew the button back on! What I’d like you to do is teach me how to sew the button on myself! I’m a grown man, and although I’ve asked you to sew on buttons in the past, I really should have learned how to do it myself a long time ago.”

And as I waited for my son to arrive, I thought to myself, “I really should have taught him a long time ago!” So my son came over, sewed on the button under my tutelage and watchful eye, (even threaded the needle on the first try!), and went home with the pride that comes from learning a new skill…and fixed pants!

Often, we get into the habit of doing things for others instead of teaching them how to do it themselves! But teaching someone how to do something is one of the kindest things you can do!

So, today, to celebrate Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week, please make a plan at work and at home to teach someone something!

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