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#LOUD - An Authentic Belonging Space...Coming Soon!

This is a post about Belonging. And that Belonging - being able to be your true, authentic self, everywhere you are - is a basic human need…and a basic human right. Four years ago, Pennie Saum (from The Brave and Unbroken Project) and I met each other online. And we become fast friends…even though we didn’t actually meet each other in person until last week, when we went to Boston to speak at TEDx. This is the portrait that Katherine Taylor took of us together: and it’s what Belonging looks like! Two strong women bringing our authentic selves and speaking in our own #LOUD voices! Stronger together because we know that we Belong. Today, The Brave and Unbroken Project, my non-profit, The Love and Kindness Project Foundation, and are inviting you to join us in a project that we are co-creating called #LOUD - An Authentic Belonging Space. It's a community of people raising their voices, speaking what’s on their mind from their own, authentic perspective and supporting each other as they do so.

Because that is what Kind Leadership is all about. Creating spaces where people feel safe, included, loved and valued for who they are. Spaces where their voices can be heard and listened to. Spaces where people can come together and realize that with Belonging comes the ability and opportunity to be brave and unbroken. Want to learn more and/or help us co-create? Then please reach out to me directly at watch this space for more information!

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