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Create Your Code of Kindness Workshop - June 22, 2022!

The best time to sign up for this kind workshop?? Right now!

It's a Challenging Time for Businesses, Community Organizations, Individuals and Families

People are feeling uneasy about heading back to the office in person. And they are feeling unsettled about difficult situations happening in the USA and around the world There are a lot of different perspectives and a lot of points of view, and it can be hard to navigate how to help people interact together in the most positive ways.

What can you do to help?

To get everyone on the same page, create psychological safety and a unifying standard, having a Code of Kindness helps. Whether for your team, your entire organization, a community group you're part of, or for your family, creating a Code of Kindness based on your vision and values will give people a shared set of guidelines about how to speak, act, react and interact kindly, with empathy and compassion.

If you don't have a Code of Kindness yet, please join me for a two-hour hands-on, practical workshop on June 22nd. Join as an individual (you don’t have to be a formal leader) or bring your whole team! You’ll leave with a shared standard Code of Kindness and a path forward to creating a better organization and culture for all!

This is a great way to get everyone together, and a great team-building opportunity! Can't wait for you to join, and create your Code of Kindness!


And…If this time doesn’t work for your team or organization, please reach out to and we'll schedule a dedicated session just for your group!

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