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Speak Kindly! Time for some Friday Introspection!

I can’t believe it’s Friday already, can you? This week’s Kind Leader Focus was on Speaking Kindly.

That’s because our actions, words and thoughts influence each other. When we use unkind words and/or an unkind tone of voice when we speak to someone else, (or in the negative self-talk that we so often engage in) we’re more likely to act unkindly as well. I saw an example on the news last night: a video of a “road rage” Incident that went from the person yelling at another to them ramming the person’s car with their truck. Unkind words can lead to unkind actions…and because our actions influence our thoughts as well, they lead to more unkind thoughts. A vicious circle of negativity and unkindness that can escalate. Just like the road rage incident I saw on the news.

Working on Speaking Kindly by consciously choosing and using kinder words and tone of voice helps create kinder actions and thoughts! So that brings us to introspection time. How did you do this week on:

1. Choosing words that are kinder and won’t stick negatively in someone’s memory for years to come?

2. Moderating your tone of voice and staying away from sarcastic, condescending or angry tones?

Be honest with yourself. If you found you didn’t do so well, that’s okay. You’ll have many more opportunities to practice! And doing the exercises in Chapter 5 of The Kind Leader will help too! “Leading with kindness is a practice that takes practice” as I always say!

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