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#SideWalkChalkKindness Project Starts Today!

Brought to you by The Love and Kindness Project Foundation! Our non-profit sister!

It’s Saturday, my Creativity Day…and also the start of the Memorial Day weekend, the “official” start of summer here in the USA. It’s also the start of The Love and Kindness Project Foundation’s Sidewalk Chalk Kindness Project!

It’s a simple project…gather your family, friends and colleagues together, and get out the sidewalk chalk. Write and draw a message of kindness on your driveway or sidewalk! Then take a photo and share on social media #SidewalkChalkKindness and #LKPF! Tag a friend and ask them to write a message of kindness on their sidewalk. In times when it’s easy to feel helpless, and that there isn’t anything you can do in the face of so many problems, and so much unkindness, there is. Your words and drawings of kindness make a huge positive difference!

  • - Kindness prevents harm from happening

  • - Kindness heals all kinds of hurt … and …

  • - Kindness unites us

Please join our Sidewalk Chalk Kindness Project today! Here are the instructions to download and share with friends and family members:

LKPF Sidewalk Chalk Kindness Project Instructions
Download PDF • 271KB

And if you don’t have a sidewalk or driveway? Make a message of kindness on paper and hang in a window! If you don’t have sidewalk chalk? Use a stick to draw in the sand! Or rocks to spell out a message!

Using our creativity, kindness and leadership, we will create a better, kinder world for all!

(PS: Please post photos of your Sidewalk Chalk Kindness in the comments! Thank you!)


If you haven't already, please visit our non-profit sister: The Love and Kindness Project Foundation. You will find lots of free activities to download to use in your organization, at work and at home. You can also order free Love and Kindness Buttons to use to recognize kindness!

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