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Please Sign The Kind Leadership Manifesto

In light of the recent mass shootings in the United States, and violence and unkindness around the world, Kind has created The Kind Leadership Manifesto. Please take this opportunity to act. Download and sign The Kind Leadership Manifesto and join our community of Kind Leaders who are committed to changing the world for the better and kinder by leading with kindness. Once you've signed, please share with your team and on social media. Then, please join our website and pass a copy of The Kind Leadership Manifesto on to others you know. Together, we can lead with kindness and create positive change for people, the planet and ourselves.

“Failures of leadership combined with failures of kindness lead to disastrous consequences for us all.” Karyn Ross

The Kind Leadership Manifesto

May 2022

So many around the world are suffering. Suffering from lack of food to eat, clean water to drink, poverty, discrimination, oppression, war, and gun violence to name a few. And unfortunately, things aren’t getting better. They are getting worse.

The root cause of this suffering and misery? Failures of leadership and failures of kindness. Failures of leaders to make the choices and model the behaviors that others can follow that lead to acceptance, equity, safety and enough of everything for all to thrive. Failures of leaders to act, speak and think kindly so that their actions, words, and thoughts, when amplified and spread, will inspire those who follow them to respect others and treat them kindly in word and deed. Failures of leadership and failures of kindness combined have gotten us into this mess, and the way to get out is simple: Leaders must lead with kindness. At work, at home, in the community and in the world. To eliminate fear, create trust and a better, kinder world for all. Leading with kindness takes strength: to stand up and say, “The old ways of leading aren’t working…and I’m going to change them by modeling a new way: Kind leadership. For people, planet, and self.” This is the way to the kind, positive change, our world needs now.

You are a leader. Whether you have a formal title or not. Others follow you. You have the opportunity, right and responsibility to lead with kindness. You are not alone. By downloading, signing and sharing this, The Kind Leadership Manifesto, you will be joining a group of leaders who know that they can lead the change to a kinder, better world, by acting, speaking, thinking, and leading with Kindness.

Thank you for joining us. Let’s start today.

The Kind Leadership Manifesto
Download PDF • 2.57MB

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