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Pay It Forward...Without Money! Day 4 of Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week!

It’s Day 4 of Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week…and today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. When we think about Random Acts of Kindness, many people think about ‘Paying it Forward’…about paying for the car behind them's order at a drive through, or in line at a store.

But “paying it forward” doesn’t have to have anything to do with money at all. You can “pay it forward” in many ways. All you have to do is think about things that others have done that have helped you…and do the same thing for someone else!

Here are some ideas:

1. Pass on a compliment that you have heard about to someone to their manager, so they can be recognized

2. Recommend someone for a new learning opportunity or promotion that you know they would be a good fit for

3. Teach someone a skill that someone else took the time to teach you

And, don’t forget to the importance of saying thank you! Thank you to those that have helped you learn, and get to where you are! In helping you, they’ve probably “payed forward” help they have received from someone else!

Today, I’d like to thank Leslie Henckler (my first Lean teacher, and Treasurer of The Love and Kindess Project Foundation) for all the help and teaching she has given me. I wouldn’t be able to help others (pay it forward) without her.

What will you do to “pay it forward” today?

(And…it’s Leslie’s birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Leslie! To read more about Leslie and my story, please see Chapter 6 of The Kind Leader!)

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