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No Fear! End of Week Introspection 10/01/21

It’s Friday, and time for some introspection. This week, we’ve been focusing on the negative effects of fear. As I was taking time for introspection (deep, personal reflection), something that happened when I decided to start my own business a number of years ago, popped into my mind. Since I had never owned a business before, and I don’t come from a family of business owners, I decided to seek out a mentor from a free, government program. I didn’t know the person, who was a retired CEO. On our first call, when I excitedly told the person my business idea, and potential business model, he laughed! And said, “That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. No one will be interested and you’ll fail in the first year.” As you can imagine, I was horrified…and petrified! After all, he had been a CEO… Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Well, knowing Karyn, she just moved on and started her business anyways.” But I didn’t. It actually took me three years, and a lot of kindness and help from others, before I got over my fear, and started KRC. That’s the truth. When leaders’ words and actions cause us to feel fear, we don’t pursue our dreams, don’t try things out, and we can’t reach our potential and create a better world. So today, please take a few minutes for introspection:

1. When you were leading others this week, what actions and words of yours made them feel fearful? What actions and words kindly helped them?

2. What did the actions and words of your leaders make you feel? Fear? Or did their kind words and actions make you feel cared for as a person and team member?

Please remember, no one wants to work - or live - in fear. And that the antidote to fear is kindness…and kind leadership.

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