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New Workshop! How to Solve Problems Kindly!

Does your organization have a standard problem solving process? When a problem is encountered does everyone follow a standard set of steps to solve the problem and prevent it from recurring?

What about for problems like team members who just can’t seem to get along, or who act or say things that upset others? What about office gossip? What about other interpersonal problems between individuals or teams? People are, well, people, and despite our best efforts as team members and leaders, things often don’t go kindly. And when they don’t, rifts grow, toxic work cultures take hold and eventually, people leave to find better work environments.

However, these are all problems that need to be solved. And they can be, using The Five Steps Kind Leaders Take When Things Don’t Go Kindly. It’s a standard approach to solving interpersonal organizational problems, and modeling the kind of behaviors needed to eliminate fear, bring people together and encourage collaboration and cooperation. Learning and practicing the Five Steps will give you a standard process to use and the confidence to deal with problem many leaders feel uncomfortable in tackling.

On April 5th, I’ll be offering a 2 hour workshop to teach you how to:

1. Use the 5 Steps Kind Leaders Take When Things Don't Go Kindly

2. Practice on a case study

3. Apply the 5 Steps to a real life problem you are experiencing

Solving problems is important. How we solve them is even more important! Look forward to seeing everyone on April 5th! Just click here to learn more and join us!

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