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Let's make Kind Speech the official word of 2023!

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Leaders words travel fast, travel far and carry a lot of weight. Are yours kind?

Unfortunately, there's been a lot of talk about hate speech recently. Some famous entertainers, sports stars and political figures - leaders who have a lot of influence - have been using language that denigrates, harms and incites violence against Jewish people and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

When I went to research the specific meaning of hate speech, I decided to look up another term, kind speech, at the same time. And guess what I found.

The term kind speech doesn’t even exist in the dictionary at all!

I wish it did. Because the words we choose and use to talk about and with other people have a huge effect on our own, and others actions. Hate speech and unkind words can incite violence, demean and hurt and become the “voices in people’s heads” holding them back. And those negative effects are exacerbated when the words come from leaders, people who have perceived influence and power over others.

So today, I have a favor to ask.

Please help me make the phrase kind speech go viral. So that the kind of words and phrases that include and uplift people, create unity, belonging and peace are the words that people choose to use. And that leaders are expected to use and model on a daily basis. So viral that it’s added to the dictionary.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if “kind speech” became the word of year for 2023? With your help and kind words, we can do it!


To learn more about the Three Key Speak Kindly Behaviors, please see Chapter 5 of The Kind Leader: A Practical Guide to Eliminating Fear, Creating Trust and Leading with Kindness.

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