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Leading with Kindness can always be Your Choice!

Yesterday. Somewhere near Flint, Michigan, the car needed gas and we were starving. At the fast food restaurant beside the gas station there were no vegan items at all. One vegetarian item only. The people working at the restaurant all looked like they were in high school. The cashier was super friendly and cheerful as she took my order! She made my panini promptly and closed the bag with a flourish! I smiled and said, “You really did that with pizazz!” She smiled a huge smile back! Then I handed her a Love and Kindness Button and said “Thank you for the kindness of making my lunch today! I really appreciate it!”

As I walked away, I could hear her excitedly telling her young coworkers about the Button. Before I got to the door, one of them ran up to me and said, “Could I please have a Button too?” So I opened my purse and gave her all the rest of the Buttons I had. I explained that I used them to recognize and thank people for kindness. I asked if she could help me spread kindness by doing the same!

So, why am I telling you this? Well, here’s the moral of the story. I could have been angry and grumpy that there weren’t food choices that suited my diet; I could have complained my panini was burnt. I could have treated the young people who were working there with disdain. But I didn’t. Because I’m conscious that I always have a choice: to lead with kindness or not. Whether I am in a formal leadership role or not. Whether I'm at work, or not. Wherever I am at the moment. With every interaction I can give people a model of how they can act, react and interact with others in kinder better ways. Especially important for young people, because they are our future leaders!

This morning, in my email, I had six orders for more Love and Kindness Buttons…all from around Flint, MI…

Leading with kindness is a choice...and it can - and needs to be - YOUR choice!


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