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Leaders' words can cut and scar! Please choose yours kindly!

This morning, a quick reminder!

Leaders: Your words travel fast, travel far and carry a lot of weight. Please choose your words kindly as people will remember them for a very long time!

That's because when people are wearing their Follower Hat, they are making a choice to be influenced by the person they are following. And, because people are people, they tend to take things personally! Even if they weren’t intended that way!

So, every time you are wearing your Leader Hat, please remember, your words and actions carry a lot of weight. People will take what you say very seriously, and they will take it personally. Your unkind words, said in a moment of frustration or fury can hurt someone to their core. And because you are in a position of power when you are wearing your Leader Hat, your words may stay with them a lifetime. Even if you don’t think someone will take your words personally and be upset, it’s possible they will!

Please practice the Key Speak Kindly Behavior of Choose Your Words as deliberately and as kindly as you can. And, despite your best efforts, when someone takes your words “personally” even if you didn’t intend them to, please make sure to take a moment to reflect and respond in a kind way!

Sticks and stones can break bones. Unkind words from leaders can leave scars that effect people negatively for a lifetime.

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