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Kindness … not Power!

It's World Kindness Day today! Here's my request today:

Let's replace the word power with kindness!

"Power” has so many negative connotations and is so divisive. What difference would we create in our organizations, in our communities, in our country, in our families and personal relationships if we replaced the concept of “power” with kindness?

Power subjugates. Power creates sides and winners and losers. Power produces fear for those not “in power”.

Kindness eliminates the need for people to be “empowered”. Because where there is kindness, people don’t work, or live, in fear. They feel safe to raise problems; share ideas and try new things. They can cooperate and collaborate because kindness brings people together and unites them.

As we always say here at, "Kindness leads to more kindness!"

What will you do to lead with kindness today?


Please join the free, short, online World Kindness Day Celebration today hosted by our sister organization The Love and Kindness Project Foundation:

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