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Kindness (and Kind Leadership) is the Answer

Last year, at the end of 2020, I decided to spend 2021 focusing my attention, practice and thinking on the phrase you see below: Kindness is the answer. And although it may seem simple (or overly simplified you may be thinking to yourself), a year of focusing on “Kindness is the answer” has brought an amazing amount of joy and learning.

So today, now almost at the end of 2021, here is some introspection on how this focus has affected all aspects of my life:

1. When I’m frustrated with someone (or something) instead of responding instantly in anger or with my perspective, figuring out how to respond from a place of kindness has helped me take time to put space between my feelings and reactions and slow down!

2. In choosing what to spend my time on at work, and at home, I’ve become more deliberate in creating time to listen and help. Instead of just being focused on the “ends” (results), I’m much for focused on the “means”, the how!

3. I got a lot of things going that I’ve never done before! Like finishing The Kind Leader book, starting The New School for Kind Leaders and hosting Kind Leadership Week!

Working on practicing “Kindness is the answer” has helped me realize that whatever the situation, I have a personal responsibility to create a kinder, better world. I don’t need to wait for others to do that!

And neither do you!

What can you to do start 2022 leading with kindness?

  1. You can sign up for our Kind Leader Guided Book Club! It's starting on January 27th! Click here for details and to register!

  2. Join our Monthly Lunch and Learn on January 18th! We'll be talking about Why Kind Leadership isn't Weak Leadership! Click here for details and to register!

Kindness - and Kind Leadership - is the answer! Here's to creating a kinder, better world in 2022!

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