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Kind? Nice? What’s the Difference?

Do you think kind and nice are the same? Many people think they are, and don't understand why kindness - and kind leadership - isn't about weakness. It's about strength. Here's an easy graphic you can use, and share with others, to "see" the difference.

Why did I put this together?

Because over the past couple of weeks, I've had a number of people ask me questions that made me realize that there’s a lot of confusion between understanding the difference between “nice” and kind…especially when it comes to leadership!

As well as explaining the difference, it should also help debunk a couple prevalent myths about kind leadership as well:

1. Kindness isn’t weakness. In fact, leading with kindness takes a huge amount of strength because it means focusing outside of yourself, on others.

2. Kind people are pushovers…or the converse: someone who speaks up and speaks out forcefully isn’t be kind. Kindness is about having the courage to speak up as needed. And it can also be about being strong enough to hold your words when you know the way you will say something at the moment will harm and hurt another.

3. Leaders often worry that people don't think they are nice, but what they really should concern themselves with is being kind.

Leading with kindness means telling the truth, even (and especially) in difficult situations. It means putting yourself in another's shoes and figuring out how to help them in a way that lets them learn and grow. Not that shuts them down.

It means stating your opinion in a non-harmful way (even if others have differing views) and standing up for those who are being marginalized, bullied and left out.

Nice may seem - or be - easier at the time for you. But kindness, and kind leadership is about others!

I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic.

And if you’ve been concerned that you’ll be considered “weak” if you lead with kindness, please stop.

Kind leadership is the strongest type of leadership because it eliminates fear, creates trust and helps people learn and grow!


And if you haven't already, please sign up for our Strength Through Kind Leadership Collab starting May 1, 2023! We need you and your kind leadership!

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