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Kind Leadership Week Wrap Up!

Well…it’s hard to believe, but our first Annual Kind Leadership Week is officially a wrap! And to end the week, I’ve got some some reflections, some thank you’s…and a gift for all of you!

First, reflections:

1. Support and kindness from your community, makes everyone - including me! - feel great!! I can’t stop smiling because of how amazing all of those who supported Kind Leadership Week made me feel!

2. People all over the world are craving kindness! Especially from their leaders! People are worn out from unkindness at work, in the community and on social media!

3. Kindness requires action! And each of us can choose to lead with kindness! No act of kindness is too small. Each one counts and makes a huge positive impact on a systemic level! When we change a system’s inputs…over time, the outputs will change!

Next, thanks! Thank you to everyone who kindly helped this week!

Lunch & Learns:

Events & Podcasts

Book Launch Party:

Videos and planning:

Kind Leader T-Shirts

And a very special thanks to Michael Sinocchi for publishing The Kind Leader and being my guest on The Little Kind Words Talk Show!

And last…but not least…the gift! A 20% off coupon for you to use when you order the book directly from the publisher! Please do me the kindness of sharing this so that others can get the book and get started leading with kindness!

So…that’s it for Kind Leadership Week this year! We’ll be back with monthly Lunch & Learns, and Kind Leadership Week next year! Because this isn’t the end it’s just the beginning!

Keep me posted as you use the book! Join our community at The New School for Kind Leaders or at and start and deepen your practice! Because, as I always say, “The best kind of leader is a Kind Leader!”

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