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Kind Leadership is for Life! Not just Work!

Yesterday, we had our first session of The Kind Leader Guided Book Club! We have an international group who will learn and practice together over the next eight weeks in our kind, supportive community! During the session, Lili Boyanova’s son joined in to listen and be with his mum! And towards the end of the session, Lili typed into the chat that Alex, who is five, asked if after the session ended, he and Lili could go out and do something kind!

I was so happy! Because the thing about leading with kindness is that it’s not just for work, it’s for home and “life” as well. We are our children’s first teachers - and leaders! How we act, and what we teach them will form the basis of what they know, and how they act! It is their first experience with a “system”!

I’m always happy when people bring their children to sessions I lead. Because children learn by osmosis and by example. When they see you taking you deliberately taking the time to learn and practice leading with kindness, they’ll understand it’s importance, and when they grow up they will practice it too!

Thank you to Lili, Alex and all of the rest of our fabulous Kind Leader Guided Book Club members for a fabulous first session! Can’t wait to see you all next week!

And if you didn't join this session of The Kind Leader Guided Book Club, (which is totally full!) don't worry, I'll be adding another section that will start in March 2022!

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