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Kind Leadership is Contagious!

My daughter and her partner made me a fabulous gift for my 60th birthday! It's a box filled with slips of paper with kind things that they wrote about me. Today, the slip I pulled out said: "Your enthusiasm is contagious"! Just reading the slip made me feel super happy and brought a huge smile to my face!

It also made me think that there are so many things that are "contagious", not just colds and viruses! Here are a few:

  • Fashion and dance trends

  • Attitudes! Both good and bad

  • Feelings! Positive or negative

  • Theories and ideas

  • Kindness

And who do people "catch" kindness from? They catch it from their leaders!

That's because when we see someone who is wearing their Leader Hat acting or speaking in a kind way, it influences us to do the same! Like a fabulous fashion trend, we want to be just like our leaders and do what they do...and say what they say!

So today, when you are wearing your Leader Hat, whether at work, at home or in the community, please act and speak kindly! Because your kindness - and Kind Leadership - is contagious! And, just like reading the slip of paper my daughter wrote made me feel great, your Kind Leadership will make others feel great - and influence them to be Kind Leaders - too!

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