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Kind Leadership Begins at HOME!

Do you think Kindness is an innate human quality? Or that it’s just for kids?

I don’t! Kindness is a learned behavior. And you learn kindness from the people who lead you!

Parents are their children’s first leaders! Children begin to learn how to be kind (or not) from what - and how - their parents teach and model for them!

A few weeks ago, my non-profit, The Love and Kindness Project Foundation welcomed two new Directors! They asked if they could take over Love and Kindness Button mailing! They said that every Sunday, they’d have their young daughter help them pack and ship the Button orders! She could practice sorting, counting and learn that “kindness is about action” all at the same time!

Please remember, leaders aren’t just people at work! Parents are children’s first leaders! And children don’t just learn their ABC’s and 123’s from their parents, they learn how to practice kindness!

What actions are you taking to teach your children to be kind?


All registration fees will be donated to The Love and Kindness Project Foundation!

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