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Kind Leadership at TEDxBoston @ The 'Quin - August 15, 2022

Hey fabulous friends in the Boston area! Guess what?

I’m going to be sharing a TED Talk on Kind Leadership on August 15th as part of TEDxBoston’s Traction @ The ‘Quin House!

I’ve lived and worked in Boston twice in my life, and getting to spend time there is always fun and fabulous! And this time I know it will be even more because of this amazing group of speakers at this totally FABULOUS event!

So, if you're in Boston, please join me to find out Why You Need to Lead With Kindness and the 5 Steps You Can Take to Start Right Now…and a lot of other ideas worth spreading!

Click here to register! Tickets are free!

If you can't join me in Boston, don't worry! I'll post the link to the recording afterwards!

(And, to add to the fun, you'll be able to meet Pennie Saum, from The Brave and Unbroken Foundation and the first ever New School for Kind Leaders student at The 'Quin as well! She's speaking too!)

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