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Kind Leaders know that even if you can, you only should, if it fits with your values!

I’m one day closer to my 60th birthday on Saturday! Yesterday, I was on a client visit at Hennig, Inc. in Rockford, Illinois. Hennig has been a fabulous, long-time client, and here’s the reflection/introspection I’m having while visiting today:

“Whether you think you can…or whether you think you can’t…you’re right!” (Henry Ford). “Saying ‘I don’t want to’ isn’t the same as saying ‘I can’t’!” Karyn Ross!

For all the years that I’ve worked with Hennig, I’ve been impressed and inspired by their conviction that there is nothing that they can’t do once they set their minds to it and use their shared creativity. But it isn’t just that my Hennig friends focus on figuring out how they can fulfill their purpose of Making Our Customers Successful, it’s that they are focused on doing it The Hennig Way, the way that matches and reflects their values…their Hennig Star…which you can see hung up on the wall in the front lobby for everyone to see. Because what Noah Goellner, Hennig’s President knows, is that just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should. Not wanting to do things that don’t go with your values doesn’t mean you aren’t using your creativity, it means you are using your integrity.

So, a special thanks to the whole Hennig team for promoting this reflection yesterday. And for inspiring me every single day!

If you have some time today, please take a few moments to do some reflection and introspection yourself, and make sure you’re clear on where you’re holding yourself back believing you “can’t” and where you’ve decided not to do something because it doesn’t fit with your values and the purpose you are working towards fulfilling. Then take the next steps towards fulfilling your purpose in the way that is right for you!


You can read more about Noah Goellner's Kind Leadership, in The Kind Leader: A Practical Guide to Eliminating Fear, Creating Trust and Leading with Kindness! Now available in audio book format as well!

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