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Kind Leaders Help People Bridge the Gap Between Thinking & Doing!

Last week I created a poll on LinkedIn asking people what helped them most to move from “thinking” about doing something to actually “doing” it. Here are the results:

  • 6% said motivational posts or videos

  • 27% said researching what to do

  • 50% said support from a friend/coach and

  • 17% answered “other” and elaborated in the comments)

I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days, because, just thinking about doing something differently doesn’t create change, or get things done! People actually have to do things! I created the graphic above to show you my thinking:

Often the gap between “thinking” and “doing” seems insurmountable and scary! Like two giant mountains with a cavernous gulf between! In reality though, that gap is probably pretty small. And when someone like a friend or coach helps us see that, and stands beside us and holds our hand, that gap is no bigger than that between two stones on a path we are walking together!

That's where Kind Leadership comes in.

Kind Leaders don't just expect people to bridge those gaps on their own. They use the Three Key Kind Leader Practices and their associated behaviors to check in with people so that they can determine what they can do to help them. Kind Leaders listen, with open eyes, open ears, open mind and an open heart to what is preventing people from moving from "thinking" to "doing". Then they stand beside them, hold their hand and "go with them" along the path! Kind Leaders know that focusing on the "means" not just the ends, helps people move forward. And when people move forward, they are able to do more than they ever thought they could do, and be more than they ever thought they could be!

So today, please remember, when you are wearing your Leader Hat, no matter how small you think the gap between thinking and doing is, for someone else it’s a huge chasm! And that the best - and kindest - thing you can do, as a Kind Leader, is to go with them, stand beside them and help them bridge that gap so that they can move forward! Then what they need to do will get accomplished and you'll have modeled kind behavior that those who follow you will use when they have their Leader Hats on!

Who will you help bridge the gap between "thinking" and "doing" today?


For more on the Three Key Kind Leader Practices and their associated Key Behaviors, please see Chapters 4, 5 and 6 (Think Kindly, Speak Kindly and Act Kindly) in The Kind Leader: A Practical Guide to Eliminating Fear, Creating Trust and Leading with Kindness.

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