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June 22nd: Create Your Code of Kindness Workshop! Register Now!

Please register now for this practical, hands-on two hour workshop! You'll create your own Code of Kindness for your organization, team or family! Join on our own...or bring your team!

What is a Code of Kindness...and Why do I need one?

Many organizations have some type of Code of Conduct so that individuals and teams know what behaviors are acceptable and which aren't. However, in these turbulent times, a Code of Conduct isn't enough.

To help individuals, teams and organizations create psychologically safe atmospheres, inclusive cultures and welcoming environments for all, what they need is a Code of Kindness.

What is a Code of Kindness?

A Code of Kindness is a specific charter created based on vision, values and the Key Practices from Karyn Ross's latest book The Kind Leader: A Practical Guide to Eliminating Fear, Creating Trust and Leading with Kindness. Once your Code of Kindness is created, the entire organization will have a standard set of principles and practices for all to use to act, react and interact with kindness.

During this 2 hour interactive workshop, you'll:

  • Learn what a Code of Kindness is and how you and your organization will benefit from creating one.

  • Learn about what kindness "looks like" in organizational settings and how the Three Kind Leader Practices will help you strengthen your organization and personal leadership.

  • Use your organization's vision and values to create a simple and actionable Code of Kindness.

What we'll provide for the Workshop:

  • The Kind Leader Code of Kindness Template

  • A 20% off code to purchase copies of The Kind Leader for you and your organization

What you'll need to bring to the Workshop:

  • A copy of your organization's vision and values

  • Paper and writing utensil or computer

Who should attend this Workshop?

This Workshop is designed for both individuals and teams. You don't have to be in a formal leadership role in an organization to attend. You can create a Code of Kindness for your family, for a sports team you coach or for a community organization you are part of. Those who are in formal leadership roles are encouraged to bring their team members and attend this workshop together.

If this date and time doesn't work for you and/or your team, please just drop us a note and we can set up a date and time that works for you:

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