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It's time to register for ORGWell 2022!!

Is your organization feeling the pinch of The Great Resignation? As a leader, are you struggling to hire and keep people? Are you currently looking to change companies because of your current organization’s culture?

If you answer yes to any of the above, please join me and Jessica House, mental health professional and founder of LightHouse Counselling and Wellness, for ORGWell 2022, May 2nd - May 6th, a week or interactive sessions focused on psychological safety and kind leadership for organizations and individuals.

ORGWell 2022 is perfect for those in leadership and non-leadership roles in organizations of all sizes who want to learn how to create safer, kinder, better cultures. It’s also perfect for those who want to make sure their next organization has the kind of culture that will let them be their best!

Join us for the whole week of sessions, for just the First Psychological Safety Focus, Kind Leadership Focus or individual sessions. There is something for everyone, and something to meet everyone’s budget! Please see the link in the comments below to learn more about all the specific sessions we’re offering!

We know that everyone wants to Feel Well, Do Well and Be Well! That’s why we are looking forward to seeing you at ORGWell 2022!

Have questions and want to learn more about how you can bring your whole organization? Then just reach out to me at!

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