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ISE Magazine Interview!

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

“Unkind leadership, when we’re not conscious of the systems that we are a product of and the leadership models, generates what I call a vicious circle of fear. Kind leadership actually is what breaks that cycle. We have to change the system because we’re all systems thinkers. We all know in order to change a system, if you want to different output, you have to put a different input.” - Karyn Ross

A super-big shout-out to my friends at The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers for this very kind interview with me that they published in the most recent issue of ISE Magazine! As you see from the quote, changing the system to create kinder, better outputs and outcomes for all requires changing the inputs! By acting, speaking and thinking kindly, we can all change those inputs!

Thank you to ISE Magazine Editor Keith Albertson and the whole ISE Magazine team for your kindness and leadership, and for adding kind and thoughtful inputs to create a better system!

Download and read the article here:

ISEJune22_Kindness Interview
Download PDF • 1.22MB


And isn't it exciting! I got my picture on the cover too! Thanks to my super-kind friends at ISE Magazine!

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