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I need your help! Collab Group starting May 1st!

I was out to dinner the other night and the discussion turned (as it often does) to all the problems we are experiencing in the world right now: school (and other) shootings in the United States, climate crisis and global warming, the mental health crisis causing so much harm to so many.

“People certainly need to be a lot more resilient now than they used to be. We need more resilient training”, someone said.

“What we need is more kindness, and kind leadership”, I said, “Because kindness reduces the need for resilience!”

“That’s true”, the person said. “But what can I do? I don’t have power. I’m not in a leadership position…I’m just a regular person?” As she was speaking, I saw her shoulders slump and the sad look of resignation on her face.

That’s why today, I’m posting this post: because I’m not just working on making a kinder better world myself, I’m working on activating people to join me on working on it. I can’t do it myself…and I don’t have all the solutions. I do know that each of us can play a role! We can model kindness and lead others at work, at home and in the community, regardless of what formal role we have!

And we can work together to come up with new and creative ways to combat the unkindness we are seeing and experiencing around us, each and every day. It will take a lot of strength, but there is strength in numbers!

So, please join me! Help me figure out what to do…and then how we can do it! I’ve created an online collaboration group, and we will be working together for the month of May, 2023!

If you haven’t joined already, please do! Go to the Events page and join our Strength Through Kind Leadership Collab Event. Once you've RSVP's you can just go to the Groups List and join the group! All of our Collab will be done there!

I need your help and can’t wait to have you as part of the group!

Kindness - and kind leadership- is the solution…and the preventative!

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