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Happy World Kindness Day!

It’s World Kindness Day Today!!! As you can imagine, I’m super excited because as well as it being a chance to have a special focus on doing acts of kindness, it’s a chance to pause, have some reflection, and thank those, who through their words and actions, have modeled kindness for us! Whether it be a leader at work, a teacher, mentor, friend, or parent, those who “lead by kind example” teach us how to act, speak and think kindly! And they create a system that reduces fear, and creates trust and positive experiences and outcomes for all!

Today, please help me and all of us at The Love and Kindness Project Foundation celebrate World Kindness Day by thanking someone who has modeled kind leadership for you! Tag them in the comments and let them know how their kindness has allowed you to be a kinder, better person and leader!

I’ll be putting everyone who comments, and those they tag into a drawing for a signed copy of my newest book The Kind Leader, and I’ll also be giving away Tiny Kindness Kits from the Foundation as well!

There are so many kind leaders out there creating a better, kinder world! Today’s the day to celebrate and thank them!

And…Special thanks to all the Directors and Country Directors at The Love and Kindness Project Foundation, and all the fabulous kind leaders who shared their stories and experiences for The Kind Leader book!

Happy World Kindness Day! Please pass it on!!

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