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Friday Kind Leadership Week Challenge

Wow! It’s Friday already! Where did the week go! I can hardly believe that it’s Day 5 - the last day - of Kind Leadership Week!!

Today’s Challenge:

Notice, and compliment, someone’s EFFORT!

Today’s Kind Leader Key Characteristic:

Kind Leaders FOCUS on the “means”…

As a leader, are you focused more on the ‘ends’: the results…or on the ‘means’: how those results are created? As leaders, it’s easy to become hyper-focused on the results: the organization’s performance, profit, growth, market-share, etc. On winning, versus losing. When that happens, we can forget that the only way we get to those results is through our people. And there are so many negative effects of treating them unkindly: lack of psychological and physical safety, stress, unhappiness to name a few. As a leader how you act, react and interact, with kindness or without, has a huge effect and influence on others. So please, focus on the means, not just the ends. As I always say, “How we get there is as - or more - important than where we are going!”

Want to learn more about today’s Kind Leader Key Characteristic? Then please join our Lunch and Learn at 1:00 pm!

And keep your eyes on your feed for a special Kind Leadership Week Wrap Up Post, and Live with some surprise announcements!

Thanks for being part of Kind Leadership Week! Your kind leadership eliminates fear, creates trust and makes a better world for all of us!

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