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Friday Kind Leader Introspection Time!

Well, it’s Friday again already! Time for some Kind Leader Introspection!

This week’s focus: Leading by kind example!

Over the week, I heard so many stories about how people were influenced by their leaders’ words and actions, kind and not kind. And, not surprisingly, those who were treated kindly by their leaders, treated others kindly as well! Our leaders model what behavior and words are okay for us to use. If they use unkind words and act unkindly, then we have permission to act that way too. So, please take a moment for some introspection today and think about:

Your own actions, reactions and interactions this is past week. Did they model kindness and “lead to” more kindness? Did you “lead by kind example” so others could have a kind model to follow?

Take some time to think about the practice you’ve done over the week, and the progress you’ve made! And then keep practicing! Because kindness definitely leads to more kindness!

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