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DoodleCast: How Kind Leadership Takes Strength & Creativity

You've probably listened to a podcast...and watched a webinar...but how about participating in a DoodleCast?

Please join Karen Light and I for a fabulous and fun interactive Doodle Workshop in which we discuss how and why Kind Leadership Takes Strength and Creativity.

Why are we talking - and doodling - about this? And why should you?

Because in an increasingly polarizing society, we need to find more tools of connection to counteract the division and divisiveness we are experiencing. That means that leaders must continue to develop skills and strategies to hold space for all views to be expressed and for emotional safety to be felt if we are to succeed in our missions.

This is where kindness and creativity come into play. (And, as Karen Light always says: Play is more than ok!)

So, today, please take a few minutes to get out your pencil and paper and Doodle along with Karen and I!

And please, share your doodles and your thoughts with Karen and I in the comments to this post!

Here's what you will find in our Doodlecast:

0:00 - Intro to Doodle-to-Doing

00:30 - Episode Intro

00:57 - Guest Intro: Karyn Ross

3:07 - Spirit of a Doodle Intention: Forget Outcomes!

6:51 - Warm-Up Doodle: What’s on your heart?

11:36 - Sharing: What’s On Our Hearts Doodles

15:00 - What is a Kind Leader?

21:33 - Doodle Prompt + 1 Minute Doodle: Doodle yourself as a leader.

23:37 - Sharing: Our Leader Doodles

25:45 - How have you guided people toward kind leadership?

32:47 - Doodle Prompt + 1 Minute Doodle: Doodle what can help you to pause.

34:33 - Why does kind leadership take strength?

41:22 - Doodle Prompt + 1 Minute Doodle: Doodle what helps you to lead with strength. 42:03 - Sharing: Your Leader with Power of Pause and Strength

47:13 - Why does kind leadership take creativity?

58:09 - Imagination Meditation: What is your vision of those you lead leading with kindness, strength, and creativity?

1:00:13 - 5 Minute Doodle

1:05:13 - Sharing: Our Vision

Thanks for Doodling with us!

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