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Be Kind to Yourself! Day 5 of Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week!

It’s Friday! Today is Day 5 (and the last day) of Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week! Today, some ideas about how to be kind to yourself!

My friend Lucie Kennedy surprised me with this fabulous, funky, warm and cozy Be Kind sweatshirt! Isn’t that kind? I wanted to post a picture to say thanks, which you can see below! When I first looked at the photo I thought to myself “Oh my goodness! Look how gray my hair is! The angle of the photo is weird; my right eye looks squinty, and then I stopped myself! Because if I were talking to someone else, I’d say “Don’t be so hard on yourself! there is need to think those negative, unkind thoughts!” But we are often harder on ourselves in thought, words and actions, than we are on others! So today, take the time to practice some Deliberate Acts of Kindness to yourself! Here’s some ideas:

1. Write a list of compliments and then stand in front of then mirror and say them out loud! (It’s not unhumble! It’s kind!)

2. Treat yourself to whatever that something is (ice cream, new shirt, vacation) that you have been putting off!

3. Take some time off to rest and spend by yourself…or with family and friends (wherever you get your energy from!)

Being deliberately kind to yourself is just as important as being deliberately kind to others! And takes just as much (or more) practice! So please get started today!

How will you practice self kindness today?

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