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Apologize & Make Amends! Day 3 of Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week!

It’s Day 3 of Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week!

Today’s Deliberate Act of Kindness Idea: Apologize! And make amends!

Yesterday, I facilitated a workshop about The 5Cs of Psychological Safety with my friend Jessica House. The 4th of The 5Cs is “Consistent Kindness”. Because people aren’t perfect, one of the things we know is that as much as we practice, we aren’t going to be 100% kind all the time. When that happens, the important thing to do is apologize and make amends to the person you weren’t as kind as you wanted to be to. Ask them what you can do to make things right for them. Apologizing and making amends shows the person you care about them, know you didn’t act as you should, and take responsibility for your mistake. As well, it models to others what they should do when they aren’t as kind as they should be. Lastly, as Jessica pointed out, connection and trust are created in the difficult times: when we work to right our wrongs and come together. When we don’t do that, all we have are disconnection and fear.

Today, please reach out, apologize and make amends to someone you haven’t been as kind to as you should have. They will feel better and so will you! Thank you for your Deliberate Kindness!

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