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50% Off The Kind Leader Audiobook

Audiobooks is having a 50% off Summer Sale on The Kind Leader until 7/11/23!

Time for some summertime reading...well, listening! From now until July 11, 2023, you can get your copy of The Kind Leader Audiobook for 50% off plus free shipping!

And…a you'll get a chance to dispel myths like:

  • Myth: Kind leaders are weak leaders...

  • Reality: Kind leadership is about strength!

  • Myth: People won’t ‘produce’ for kind leaders

  • Reality: People who trust their leaders give more

  • Myth: Kind leaders always have to be “nice”

  • Reality: Kind and “nice” are very different! I'll be talking a lot more about this in an upcoming podcast from The Happy Engineer!

And...did you know that Jennifer Sun Bell, the reader of The Kind Leader Audiobook is the voice over for Tamaki Iwato in the anime hit Suzume? Isn't that super cool?

Don’t miss the sale! Get your audiobook today! Just click right HERE!

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