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2022 Fall Classes Open for Registration!

It’s “back-to-school” time and The New School for Kind Leaders has three great choices for you and your team for September Learning:

1. The Kind Leader Guided Book Club Fall Community Cohort starts on Thursday, September 15th! A great way to learn and practice in an informal book club with a kind, supportive community!

Here’s the link to sign up:

2. 5 Steps to take to Be a Kinder Leader at Work! A short, practical one hour workshop based on my TEDx speech, that will give you tangible actions to take in your workplace right now!

Here’s the link:

3. 5 Steps to take to Be a Kinder Leader at Home!

Parents are their children’s first leaders! Learn 5 easy ways to lead more kindly at home! One hour of practical learning!

Here is the link:

Kindness isn’t an innate human quality! Like leadership, it’s grown though learning and practice! So please sign up to learn and practice in a kind, supportive community!

Please join us and share with your network!

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