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Your Little Kind Acts Lead to Big Cultural Transformation!

A quick reminder today for all of you leaders!

Kindness is about action! And behaviors! Just thinking about doing something to help someone in order to create a positive outcome and effect for them isn’t enough! You need to turn your thoughts into action!

Often, people and leaders think that kindness has to be something “big” to lead to transformation and that it will take a lot of effort, like creating a company-wide campaign or making a big donation to a cause! But it doesn’t have to be! Small acts of kindness lead to transformation as well!

As a leader (and please remember, you are a leader, at work at home and in the community whether you have a formal leadership title or role) you can practice kindness everyday through the small actions you choose to take!

Here are some quick ideas you can put into action today:

  • Hold the door for someone going in or out of the building…or elevator!

  • Thank someone for the great work they are doing (instead of just thinking it to yourself!)

  • Check in with your people! Go to where they are doing their work and ask them “how they are doing” instead of just “what they are doing”!

If you are like many people who think that it’s useless to be kind in a world, or organization, that isn’t kind, please think again. It isn’t's actually transformational! Because every kind word you speak and every kind action you take puts an input into the “system” and transforms that system to a kinder one!

What will you do to put kind inputs into the system today?


For more about how your Kind Leadership can transform your organization's culture, please see Chapter 2 of The Kind Leader: A Practical Guide to Eliminating Fear, Creating Trust and Leading with Kindness.

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