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TEDxBoston! 5 Steps to Being a Kind Leader!

"The best kind of leader is a KIND Leader" - Karyn Ross

What was it like to be a speaker at TEDxBoston’s Traction event at ‘The Quin yesterday? Fabulous!! I got to meet so many people with great ideas to create a better kinder world! I spoke about Why You Need to Lead with Kindness and 5 Steps You Can Take to Be a Kinder Leader Right Now! Here’s how my talk ended:

"Things aren’t getting better in the world. They are getting worse.

I know what won't help:

  • Hopes and prayers...

  • Superficial fads and short-lived movements...

What will help?

  • YOU! And your Kind Leadership!

Because all of the systemic problems caused by unkind leaders and unkind leadership are solvable. We just have to stop waiting for other people to solve them. Each of you who has heard this talk can make a deliberate decision, right now, to start leading with kindness. To model acting kindly, speaking kindly, and thinking kindly to everyone you influence at work, at home and in the community. Together, we can create a better, kinder world for all. That’s why kindness…and Kind Leadership are the answer! Today, at work, at home and in the community, please remember, you are a leader, formal title or not, and you, and your kind leadership makes a world of positive difference!"

You’ll be able to hear the rest of my TED Talk in a few weeks! I can’t wait! I’ll keep you posted!!

Special thanks to Pennie Saum for taking the photos! Don't forget to watch her TEDxBoston TRACTION Talk as well (this is Pennie's THIRD TEDxTalk!) and keep your eyes open for more posts about the kindness and creativity that TEDxBoston sparked for Pennie and I!

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