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Kindness is a Treasure...Hunt...starts this Monday, November 7th!

Some people think that "kindness is for kids" and that it's an innate human characteristic. But I believe that kindness is learned human behavior and that we learn it from our leaders! And, the more we practice being kind, the easier it gets!

Since many adults spend more of their time at work than anywhere else (even if it's working remotely on Zoom!), practicing kindness at work makes for a better, kinder culture and work environment...and it also gives people a model of how to act, speak and think outside of work: at home, in the community, when they are volunteering, etc.!

To celebrate World Kindness Day this year, our sister site, The Love and Kindness Project Foundation is hosting a Kindness is a Treasure Hunt Activity! If you had fun having Treasure Hunts as a kid, think how much fun this activity will be to do as a team in the workplace!

To participate, all you have to do is get a team together, download the free Treasure Map and Kindness Ideas for Work, and start hunting for kindness this Monday, November 7th! The Love and Kindness Project Foundation has also created Kindness Tips for Kids that you can use to participate in the activity at home, and share with your kids' teachers at school!

On World Kindness Day, Sunday, November 13th, we'll be co-hosting a Celebration of Kindness with The Love and Kindness Project Foundation! To join us, please click here to get your free ticket now!

Kindness really is a treasure...and when you deliberately take the time to look for it, you will certainly find it!

Thanks for your kindness and leadership! Happy Treasure Hunting!

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