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How to Have Kind Conversations Interview with Nicky McCrudden

Nicky McCrudden, who is doing research for her PhD, reached out and asked to interview me about "how" to have kind conversations. As she so rightly said, most people want to have kinder conversations, but don't know how!

In our interview, we cover a number of topics including:

  • The difference between empathy, compassion and kindness

  • Why helping people learn how to have a 'conversation' instead of a 'debate' is key

  • Why understanding the difference between 'nice' and 'kind' is necessary

  • What to do if a conversation isn't going kindly

  • How the lens of "perfection" or "best" leads to unkindness

  • Why kindness is about others, and how focusing on kindness to others is the way to help you be kinder to yourself and happier!

As I mentioned in the interview, debates (where one person or side tries to convince another that they are right and the other is wrong) and conversations (where people are focused on learning about other perspectives), are quite different. To learn more about how to have conversations instead of debates, please download our guide on How to Have Kind Conversations here:

How to Have a Kind Conversation To Bring People Togeter
Download PDF • 885KB

Debates divide people. Kind conversations bring people together. The more you can learn to help others have kinder conversations, the more you can break the vicious circle of unkindness!

To learn more about how you can break that vicious circle, and to become a Certified Kindness Activator, please join us for our free, monthly, online, one-hour Kindness Activator Training! You can RSVP here! RSVP for Kindness Activator Training

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