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Great Book Review of The Kind Leader By Simon D. Gary!

A huge, kind shout out to Simon D. Gary for this great review of The Kind Leader!

I should start by saying “The Kind Leader,” by Karyn Ross, is a significant book.

In terms of the traditional leadership and management models, which can often be underpinned by competition and fear, Ross offers a fresh perspective that has been staring us in the face for many centuries. In the face of adversity, we always have the opportunity to act kindly.

Action with empathy is what the author encourages us to take; to act kindly; speak kindly, and think kindly. Neither are these empty platitudes presented as an argument against a perceived status quo. The book offers many well-designed exercises that force deep reflection for those brave enough to hold up the mirror.

The message of kindness is also backed up with countless interviews, case studies, stories, and examples of occasions where kind leadership has created breakthrough circumstances and improvements.

The book’s structure is compelling, and one idea is linked seamlessly to the next. These concepts begin with the five characteristics of a kind leader, which tie into three kind leadership practices and behaviours. I was particularly impressed with The Kind Leadership Continuum, which offers the opportunity to constantly assess the behaviours you see around you, whether your own, your team’s, your department’s or even those at an organisational level.

At a systems level, kindness in leadership creates a reinforcing loop. There is no reason for the workplace to resemble a battleground brimming with zero-sum games. Those who receive kindness within the workplace are more likely to pass kindness on. The shift, as the book describes it, comes with disconnecting the mental model that links kindness with vulnerability. Authenticity cannot exist under layers of tough veneer.

What is clear is that Karyn Ross has delivered a work of passion. There is a belief and a love within each and every page, and it is both infectious and inspirational. It is for this reason that this book excites me, and for this reason that I believe it deserves to be on millions of bookshelves across the world. This book is just that important. I heartily urge you to purchase and read a copy. Kindness starts with each one of us individually.

An easy five-stars. Buy the book at this link.

If you have written a review of The Kind Leader, please let me know about it! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what was important in the book for you, and how you are putting The Kind Leader into practice!

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