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KindLean Leadership Black Belt Certification! It's New!

And it could be just what you and your organization are looking for!

Did you ever have that nightmare where you’re in an exam but you never took the class???!!!

Well, yesterday I surprised Noah Goellner, President of Hennig, Inc, with a KRC KindLean Leadership Black Belt and certificate!! And he didn’t know he was being certified!

Over the past while I’ve been asked by numerous people if there is a formal way for them to study what I call “KindLean Leadership” (the unique and very practical combination of Kind Leadership and Lean practices, principles and tools that I teach). After some thought (and PDCA) I decided to do it!

After presenting the first KLL-BB to Peter Aiello, (you’ll learn more about his story soon), I decided that there were some others who I’ve coached, mentored and worked with over the years who really exemplify KindLean Leadership…like Noah…so I’m surprising them with Certificates!

Congratulations Noah on everything you’ve done to develop yourself and practice Kind Leadership and Lean and develop your team and organization! The right person using the right process produces the right results in kind ways!


And, if you want to grow your Kind Leadership and lean skills in a way that will allow the people on your team and in your organization to contribute the most and be their best, that will create a culture that supports happiness and well-being for all, and that produces the right results in the right kind of way, then please sign up for one of our Kind Lean Leadership Black Belt Certification Information Sessions! Or, reach out to

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